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ඇමරිකාවේ බෘක්ලින් බි‍්‍රජ් පාර්ක් හි පැවැති බෝ ඩ‍්‍රම් ෂෝ එකක් ගැන ජ්‍යෝතිර්විද්‍යාත්මක විග‍්‍රහයක් … ඉංග‍්‍රීසි බසින්

Horoscope and Astrological Explanation of

The 77Boardrum performance at the Brooklyn, New York on [19.00 (24h)] 07.00 p.m. 07/07/07 by 77 Drummers

By M. M. Rohana Wasantha

(Director; Ritual Counseling Service, Librarian; Sri Lanka Social Scientists’ Association and Masters Degree holder in History; University of Colombo.)

I first came to know of this musical show by one of my American friends who was a participant in it. When he was interviewing me for his PhD. research, he showed to me a musical magazine called SPIN with this show’s photograph, which he appeared in. Instantly, I had an idea to write an article about this concert according to the Astrological view, because Astrology is one of my favorite subjects and I also practice it.

This 77Boadrum performance was held at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York on [19.00 (24h)] 07.00 p. m. 07th July (07) of 2007. 77 drummers participated in this. They planned to continue the show for 77 minutes, but it continued for more than that.

In European countries and in Asian countries, people believe that the number 7 is good and sometimes it is bad. They also have concepts such as “lucky 7 [in Astrology]”, “7 letters of music [in music]”, “7 types of Women [in Buddhist teachings]”, “Sapta (7) Watha Pada [7 kind of good behavioral practices used by the Buddhist monks]”, “Sapta (7) Aryan Dhana [7 noblest property in Buddhist teachings]”.

Now that we are aware of the significance of the number 7, we can turn to an explanation of the horoscope for this 77Boadrum show.

Boadrum is the musical instrument that makes a loud noise. Also, its beatings are very fast and quick. We call this its ‘base sound’. In the manner of sound therapy, Boadrum’s sound gives depth in echo and velocity.

According to the given date, time and place, it can be shown on the universe map how the planets are placed within the Zodiac signs as follows.

Natal Chart

Date: July 7, 2007

Time: 19:00:00

Time Zone: 4:00:00 (West of GMT)

Place: 75 W 10′ 15″, 42 N 20′ 39″ Brooklyn, New York, USA

Altitude: 0.00 meters

Lunar Yr-Mo: Sarva-jit – Nija Jyeshtha

Tithi: Krishna Ashtami (Ra) (22.05% left)

Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa)

Nakshatra: Revati (Bu) (38.66% left)

Yoga: Atiganda (Ch) (27.48% left)

Karana: Kaulava (Ma) (44.11% left)

Hora Lord: Chandra (5 min sign: Dhanu)

Mahakala Hora: Sukra (5 min sign: Kanya)

Kaala Lord: Mangala (Mahakala: Mangala)

Sunrise: 5:36:21

Sunset: 20:34:32

Janma Ghatis: 33.4860

Ayanamsa: 23-57-48.86

Sidereal Time: 13:01:27

Its planetary positions are …

Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna 28 Vrisch 58′ 29.42″ Jye 4 Vrisch Meen

Surya – BK 21 Mith 29′ 28.12″ Puna 1 Mith Mesh

Chandra – AmK 24 Meen 50′ 41.10″ Reva 3 Meen Kumbh

Mangala – PiK 15 Mesh 24′ 10.57″ Bhar 1 Mesh Simh

Budha (R) – GK 8 Mith 41′ 47.58″ Ardr 1 Mith Dhanu

Guru (R) – MK 17 Vrisch 18′ 56.55″ Jye 1 Vrisch Dhanu

Sukra – DK 2 Simh 32′ 51.98″ Magh 1 Simh Mesh

Sani – AK 29 Kark 06′ 14.85″ Asre 4 Kark Meen

Rahu – PK 15 Kumbh 45′ 11.85″ Sata 3 Kumbh Kumbh

Ketu 15 Simh 45′ 11.85″ PPha 1 Simh Simh

Maandi 2 Kark 20′ 59.13″ Puna 4 Kark Kark

Gulika 20 Mith 57′ 33.26″ Puna 1 Mith Mesh

According to this horoscope and its planetary positions, we can get a better vision on the juncture. The date was Saturday; it represents the 7th day of the week. This date is controlled by Saturn. Saturn gives hardness, difficulties, sadness, sorrow and also tiredness. This (from 6.36 p.m. to 7.36 p.m.) Hora lord is Mercury. It started at the middle of poisoned 12 minutes of the Hora. That means it past the 24 minutes of the Hora. That is 07.00 O’clock p.m. that time duration controls by Venus. Why is it that we call it a poisoning time? Saturn and Venus are enemies of each other; that is why they give poisoning power to the Universe. But: it shows the shape of the sound.

This Natal chart shows the Zodiac sign as Scorpio. Its lord is Mars. Mars placed in the sixth house in this horoscope. Horoscope’s sixth house represents the enemy and diseases. Mars represents the Chief leader of the Army. Now you can get an idea of the prediction of this event.

The United States had terrorist attacks on September 11. It caused big damage to the State. This 77Boadrum function gives protection to the State. See the Lg. it placed on Jupiter in the first house. Jupiter is having friendship with the 1st house that its Zodiac sign name as Scorpio. Jupiter gives advice, prosperity, and wealth. This planetary position is favorable to the State, too. But Sun and Mercury are placed in the 8th house in this horoscope. It shows less dignity to the State at the time. Jupiter is in conjunction with Saturn and Moon in a Triangular vision. These three planets are in the Major Triangular of the horoscope. This combination gives destroying power. But it gives it in a diplomatic way. Education will be treated by the State, and also Priests, according to this combination.

According to the Sun’s and the Moon’s distance, it shows Tithi is Krishna Ashtami (Ra) (22.05% left). It is the 8th dark night of the Moon. Here it starts the turn to more darkness. This shows us that more darkness will be generated in the surrounding environment.

Rahu (Dragon’s Head) also placed in this horoscope at the gulf. It is the 4th house. Also its tail (Dragon’s tail) was with the Venus in Karmastana. This shows that Musicology is occupying wisdom.

When observing these planetary positions we can observe the 77Boadrum Show’s power. It starts from the center and comes around as a spiral. It shows spiritual hardness transmitting base sound to the Universe. But it gives protection to the State. Also, drummers are getting protection from the sound power of the velocity of base rhythm, and they will be getting famous Worldwide.